>> ‘SVÍNHUNDER PRESENTS ANNA – audiovisual premiere in collaboration with Echo Collective & Eric Engels’ >>

// After 30 years of musical friendship, film composers Michel Bisceglia & Hans Mullens launch their unique joint venture called Svínhunder. Discover the EP-debut ‘Anna’ during its audiovisual premiere on 18 December //

Svínhunder is an experimental playground for piano, an acoustic or electric bass line combined with sound design and electronics. Adding drums and strings from the renowned Brussels-based string quartet ‘Echo Collective’ completes the band’ sound spectrum.

Their inspiration? The dark world of ’The Melting’, the Belgian bestselling debut by writer Lize Spit.

In Svínhunder Michel and Hans musically challenge one another. They experiment by tweaking and sampling self-recorded sounds and blending soundscapes and strings to create an instrumental cinematic sound universe full of inventive themes and harmonies. By adding visuals to the live performance, visual artist Eric Engels proves that Svínhunder’s hybrid music is inextricably linked to image.

It’s as if the film is being added to the soundtrack…

Svínhunder presents Anna

In collaboration with Echo Collective & visual artist Eric Engels

18 Dec - 20:30

CC Diest


Tickets & info here

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